12 Luxury Travel Vacations for 2022

12 Luxury Travel Vacations for 2022

When it comes to these luxury travel trips for 2022, spectacular service, handpicked boutique properties and thoughtfully curated experiences are just the beginning.

Whether you’re looking for a grand remote lodge with dramatic views, want to relax in the comforts of crystal-clear waters on a remote beach, are intrigued by the promise of opulent palaces, or want to see renowned art and artifacts up close and personal, the true luxury of your trip can be tailored to your preferences.

With your personalized Royalty Luxury+ trip for 2022, you can find exceptional discoveries and unmatched experiences no matter where you go.

1. A once-in-a-lifetime private jet trip around the world

Experience the ultimate adventure with the 32-day Around the World Trip of a Lifetime by Private Jet, which is planned with some of the world’s most distant, unusual, and intriguing destinations in mind.

In South Africa, look for the Big Five, fly around Mount Everest, experience the ancient marvel of Petra, or trek the Mongolian Steppe in quest of wild horses. Then fly to breathtakingly magnificent Patagonia and end your journey in Belize’s Caribbean ambiance, all while enjoying the freedom of a private jet schedule.

2. Art, History, Food, and Wine in Elegant Italy

During the 15-day Elegant Italy: Art, History, Food, and Wine, the true meaning of La Dolce Vita is brought to life, bringing the fantasy of Italian luxury to life. With breathtaking island views and delicious culinary experiences, this example itinerary shows the mouthwatering opportunities in Italy.

Italy is an elegant and intoxicating destination that will charm you beyond the Amalfi Coast and medieval streets of Siena, from crafting pizza during a private cooking class to exploring the Venetian canals during an illustrious dinner, witnessing the grand excavations of Pompeii, or embracing the natural beauty around Lake Garda.

3. Luxury Family Tour of Athens, Crete, and Santorini

This 11-day Athens, Crete, and Santorini Luxury Family Tour are packed with ideas for experiencing opulence with your family in Greece. Enjoy a three-course lunch in a genuine Greek tavern, stroll the spectacular Parthenon atop Athens’ Acropolis, see colorful Chania in Crete, and walk to the brink of the caldera in Santorini.

From ancient mainland opulence to unique island splendor, this bespoke triplet the complete family enjoy the attractions, personality, and living history of Greece.

4. Barcelona to Bordeaux Gourmet Tour of Spain and France

Enjoy the glitz and glam of this 14-day sample tour, Gourmet Spain and France Tour: Barcelona to Bordeaux, by embracing the culinary and cultural delights. When relishing an eight-course meal in Basque country or sipping stunning Grand Cru while exploring St. Emilio, balance the exquisite flavors of delectable meals and acclaimed wines with an everlasting memory and unique experiences.

From ancient towns to Michelin-starred restaurants, indulge in traditional cuisines and relish in distinct regional delicacies, with each new place giving a comfortable and immersing connection to personalized service.

5. Luxurious Japan Explorer Tour

Embrace the exquisite delights of magnificent heritage and captivating contemporary living during the Sublime Luxury Japan Explorer Tour, a 12-day sample holiday. The wonders of Japan can easily transport you into a world of preserved tradition and future vision, all while immersed in the indulgences of genuine individuality.

Enjoy traditional Izakaya cuisine in Tokyo, delectable delicacies in Takayama, unspoiled views of Mount Fuji, and a private guided tour of the wild region surrounding Lake Ashi. You can enjoy the soft-spoken majesty of Japan at your leisure, from the bustling pace of Tokyo to the beauty of Kyoto.

6. Luxury Botswana and Seychelles: Okavango Delta and White Sandy Beaches

During the 11-day Okavango Delta and White Sandy Beaches: Luxury Botswana and Seychelles aimed to capture a mixture of safari thrills and ideal, relaxing islands, the combination of untamed wildlife and soft, white-sand beaches shows unparalleled pleasures.

Wander the Okavango Delta’s rivers to see wide savannas and abundant animals. A Michelin-starred lunch showcases the grandeur of South Africa’s terrain, animals, and culture. Relax on top beaches while taking in the unspoiled island environment of the Seychelles, which is enhanced by the relaxing beauties of the wilderness.

7. A Safari in East Africa Like No Other

This 16-day Unparalleled East Africa Safari Experience will take you into the heart of luxury and wilderness. As you travel through Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda, the drama and splendor of the bush will flow through the grasslands and dense tropical jungle, allowing you to experience the pure joy and sheer inspiration of seeing some of the world’s most iconic national parks and reserves.

From hearing the hum of the Great Wildebeest Migration to seeing a hidden gorilla colony, from embracing the lushness of a styled lodge to savoring the customizing of a private, guided game drive, indulge in luxury and splendor.

8. The Ultimate French Luxury Tour: Paris, Bordeaux, and More

The 14-day Quintessential Luxury Tour of France: Paris, Bordeaux, and More embraces the concept of luxury at the core of the French culture, whether you want to enjoy the City of Lights or a wine trail, meander a coastal promenade, or taste pleasures in a famed culinary city.

Travel to Bordeaux to sample famous wine varietals and take a culinary tour of Lyon’s world-famous cuisine. Enjoy the famous coastline of Nice, the fundamental ambiance of a Parisian market, and a special cooking session to showcase particular regional cuisines. Each new experience can introduce you to a new aspect of France.

9. Tour of Sri Lanka and the Maldives for Romance

With this Romance in Tropical Sri Lanka and the Maldives 14-day sample tour, luxury meets love when you mix beautiful scenery, sparkling beachfront vistas, and palatial resorts that make you feel like royalty.

Explore beach temples set on spectacular cliffs and marvel at the wonders of ancient heritage sites. Explore tantalizing spice gardens and relax on a private island with beautiful white sands and exciting snorkeling adventures. As you explore Sri Lanka and the Maldives, you’ll discover a collection of tranquil paradises.

10. A Multicolored Tour of Morocco: Ancient Cities and Vast Deserts

The fascinating experience of this 13-day sample tour, Colorful Exploration of Morocco: Ancient Cities and Expansive Deserts, is created by its unique appeal, inviting hospitality, authentic color, and old homes with contemporary luxuries.

Ancient Roman remains fade into Chefchaouen’s sparkling blue houses, while Marrakech’s vibrant market contrasts the beautiful view of the desert sky above the undulating dunes. Morocco is an exquisite oasis begging to be explored, from Essaouira’s magnificent coastal citadel to the natural colors of the Todra Gorge.

11. Argentina Explorer: The Capital, the Forests, the Andes Mountains, and Wine Country

The 12-day Argentina Explorer: Capital, Forests, Andes Mountains, and Wine Country sample itinerary promises cultural immersion and natural majesty, allowing you to appreciate wealth in isolation and grandeur that arises from metropolitan flair. Take a private helicopter tour of Iguazu Falls and go across the lunar landscape of Quebrada de las Conchas. Enjoy complex flavors of premium wines while learning about Buenos Aires’ passionate history.

You may discover where mythology meets reality as you enjoy the true luxury of Argentina, from the gaucho lifestyle on magnificent estates to the colonial architecture of isolated Salta.

12. 17-Day Australia Immersion: Outback to Wine Country

From sceneries to heritage, cultural history to the lonely wilderness, the 17-Day Immersion into Australia: Outback to Wine Country was created to unveil the true luxury of Down Under.

The natural beauty and opulent possibilities that can take you from the world-famous wines of the Barossa Valley to the lonely wilds of Tasmania contribute to Australia’s grandeur. Enjoy a private game drive on Kangaroo Island, Sydney’s renowned cuisine, and the point where adventure and luxury collide when discovering Australia’s limitless wonders.